Tube Fittings

Tube fittings for use in vacuum lines or sterile applications, where cleanliness and He-leak tightness are critical. Tube fittings have ferrules which crimp the outside diameter of the tube. Compression-type fittings have excellent tolerance to vibration, thermal cycling and can be reassembled with consistent dimensions of plumbing lines.

Swagelok Inc.

Straight Union Tube Fittings, Stainless Steel 316, Swagelok Co.

Tube fitting unions with compression ferrules and tightening nuts at both ends. These fittings are designed for reliable gas leak-tight sealing, resistant to vibration fatigue. Can be disassembled with consistent remakes.

SizeMin I.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
1/2" Compression0.500 inchAISI 316SS-810-6-0030338A1016$248.00per package of 4
2" Compression1.810 inchAISI 316SS-3200-6338A1015$287.04per package of 4
1-1/4" Compression1.090 inchAISI 316SS-2000-6338A1013$272.40per package of 4
1-1/2" Compression1.340 inchAISI 316SS-2400-6338A1014$278.00per package of 4
1-1/8" Compression0.970 inchAISI 316SS-1810-6338A1012$264.40per package of 4
7/8" Compression0.720 inchAISI 316SS-1410-6338A1010$249.12per package of 4
1" Compression0.880 inchAISI 316SS-1610-6338A1011$236.00per package of 4
5/8" Compression0.500 inchAISI 316SS-1010-6338A1008$202.60per package of 4
3/4" Compression0.620 inchAISI 316SS-1210-6338A1009$207.00per package of 4
1/2" Compression0.410 inchAISI 316SS-810-6338A1007$200.40per package of 4
5/16" Compression0.250 inchAISI 316SS-500-6338A1005$193.00per package of 4
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Swagelok Inc.

Metric Straight Union Tube Fittings, Swagelok Co.

Metric tube fitting unions with compression ferrules and tightening nuts at both ends.

SizeMin I.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
50mm Compression65.00 mmAISI 316SS-50M0-6338A1036$951.20per package of 4
38mm Compression49.40 mmAISI 316SS-38M0-6338A1035$898.40per package of 4
32mm Compression42.00 mmAISI 316SS-32M0-6338A1034$867.48per package of 4
28mm Compression24.60 mmBrassB-28M0-6338A1032$838.40per package of 4
30mm Compression39.60 mmAISI 316SS-30M0-6338A1033$814.00per package of 4
25mm Compression31.30 mmAISI 316SS-25M0-6338A1030$790.00per package of 4
28mm Compression36.60 mmAISI 316SS-28M0-6338A1031$741.48per package of 4
22mm Compression26.00 mmAISI 316SS-22M0-6338A1029$730.00per package of 4
18mm Compression24.40 mmAISI 316SS-18M0-6338A1027$718.00per package of 4
20mm Compression26.00 mmAISI 316SS-20M0-6338A1028$668.80per package of 4
15mm Compression24.40 mmAISI 316SS-15M0-6338A1025$644.80per package of 4
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Swagelok Inc.

Unions, Metric to Fractional, Stainless Steel 316, Swagelok Co.

Tube fitting unions with ferrules and tightening nuts at both ends. Connections are metric to fractional tube compression.

SizeConnection 2Min I.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
25mm Compression1" Compression21.80 mmAISI 316SS-25M0-6-16338A1062$394.40per package of 4
20mm Compression1" Compression15.90 mmAISI 316SS-20M0-6-16338A1061$248.00per package of 4
18mm Compression3/4" Compression15.10 mmAISI 316SS-18M0-6-12338A1059$226.72per package of 4
20mm Compression1/2" Compression10.30 mmAISI 316SS-20M0-6-8338A1060$234.72per package of 4
16mm Compression5/8" Compression12.70 mmAISI 316SS-16M0-6-10338A1058$218.72per package of 4
12mm Compression1/2" Compression9.50 mmAISI 316SS-12M0-6-8338A1056$210.80per package of 4
15mm Compression1/2" Compression10.30 mmAISI 316SS-15M0-6-8338A1057$218.80per package of 4
12mm Compression5/16" Compression6.40 mmAISI 316SS-12M0-6-5338A1054$214.24per package of 4
12mm Compression3/8" Compression7.10 mmAISI 316SS-12M0-6-6338A1055$202.80per package of 4
12mm Compression1/4" Compression4.80 mmAISI 316SS-12M0-6-4338A1053$206.24per package of 4
10mm Compression5/16" Compression6.40 mmAISI 316SS-10M0-6-5338A1051$211.80per package of 4
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Swagelok Inc.

Reducing Unions, Fractional Sizes, Stainless Steel 316, Swagelok Co.

Reducing tube fitting unions with ferrules and tightening nuts at both ends. Connections are from larger to smaller fractional size tube compression ends.

SizeConnection 2Min I.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
1" Compression1/2" Compression0.410 inchAISI 316SS-1610-6-8338A1084$276.60per package of 4
1" Compression3/4" Compression0.620 inchAISI 316SS-1610-6-12338A1085$287.00per package of 4
3/4" Compression5/8" Compression0.500 inchAISI 316SS-1210-6-10338A1083$284.80per package of 4
3/4" Compression3/8" Compression0.280 inchAISI 316SS-1210-6-6338A1081$280.80per package of 4
3/4" Compression1/2" Compression0.410 inchAISI 316SS-1210-6-8338A1082$274.40per package of 4
3/4" Compression1/4" Compression0.190 inchAISI 316SS-1210-6-4338A1080$270.40per package of 4
5/8" Compression1/2" Compression0.410 inchAISI 316SS-1010-6-8338A1079$270.40per package of 4
5/8" Compression3/8" Compression0.280 inchAISI 316SS-1010-6-6338A1078$260.00per package of 4
1/2" Compression3/8" Compression0.280 inchAISI 316SS-810-6-6338A1077$275.52per package of 4
1/2" Compression1/4" Compression0.190 inchAISI 316SS-810-6-4338A1076$271.72per package of 4
1/2" Compression1/8" Compression0.090 inchAISI 316SS-810-6-2338A1075$267.12per package of 4
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