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Valves are designed to be fully open or fully closed or in any position in-between. Valves listed on Encole are organized by their function, type and lastly by operating parameters. Choose ultra-high purity valves for Helium-leak tight operation for use in semiconductor and sterile applications. For regulating water, air, chemical processing and oil & gas flows choose non-UHP valve types. A flow control valve regulates flow rate across the valve as demanded by the set point. Typical flow controls valves are actuator operated and digitally controlled. Flow controls valves are designed to work as an integrated solution with an engine, turbine, or plumbing lines on a remote plant. Adjustable flow valves are used for adjusting flow rates in simple plumbing applications, such as water dispensers, or applications with instant feedback. Typical adjustable flow valves are hand operated. ON/OFF valves are simpler in their function and purpose than flow control or flow adjusting valves, or pressure regulators.