Sight Glass

The objective of a sight glass is to provide a window into a pressure vessel, a hot temperature or corrosive process environment, for machine vision or live observation. We offer high pressure sight glasses and sight windows operating in high temperatures for semiconductor reactors, tank sight glasses, oil level siteglass and sight windows for imaging systems. All our sight glasses are offered with downloadable CAD models and are available for purchase online.


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npt sight glass
The housing has NPT threads. Up 3045 psi pressure, these sight glasses have optical clarity ranging from just see the colors & light, to excellent, transmitting from IR to UV.
high pressure sight glass
NPT-threaded sight glasses to handle pressures up to 7000 psi. Suitable for natural gas & oil exploration and production operations requiring wells assisted by hydraulic pressure.
H2S Sight Glass
Specifically designed for hydrogen sulfide sour refinery process. Continuos operation up to 800 F and 5000 psi in a deadly H2S environment. Connections are standard NPT-fittings.
High Temperature Sight Glass
Circular sight glasses with weld pads, flange cover and all hardware included. Ready to weld & use. Maximum temperature 2000 °F. Quartz windows can also be purchased separately.
Low Cost NPT Sight Glass
Inexpensive guage glass, typically used for quick visual inspection of oil levels or refrigerant color. NPT or NPTF threads. Steel housing, sodalime glass.
nptf sight glass
Housing with NPTF (Dryseal) threads. High pressure, high temperature sight glasses with good optical clarity. Ideal for oil & gas applications.
metric sight glass
Metric Sight Glasses. The housing has Metric straight threads. High pressure, high temperature sight glasses. The window is fused or bonded into the metal body.
SAE Sight Glass
SAE sight glass. The housing has SAE straight threads for sealing with an O-ring. High pressure, high temperature sight glasses with excellent optical clarity.
asme sight window
The housing is flanged, conforming to ASME B16.5 standard. Glass is fused into the metal body.
bsw sight glass
Sight glasses with British Standard Whitworth straight threads. The glass is fused into the metal body.
conflat sight window
Conflat sight windows for ultra-high vacuum. Housing is designed to ISO 3699 connections. Glass is fused into the metal body.
Sight Glass Manufacturer
We design and manufacture sight glasses capable of withstanding pressures up to 25,000 psi and temperatures up to 800 C. Transmitted wavelengths from infrared to deep ultraviolet.
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