Rectangular Sight Glasses

Obround and rectangular sight windows with a weld-on base pad. In typical applications the base flange is welded to the process vessel, and the rest of the sight window components mount into that base flange. Glass is sandwiched between a sealing gasket and a cushion gasket. Cover flange is bolted to the base flange holding the assembly together. Gaskets, mounting hardware and the glass can be replaced during scheduled service intervals or as needed. Choose from obround or rectangular sight glasses.

Rectangular and obround sightglass fittings are common for viewing inside pipelines, pressure vessels, liquid tanks. Primarily used for liquid level observation.

L.J. Star, Inc

Obround Weld Pad Gauge Sight Glasses

Obround sight glasses designed for visual inspection of levels inside a tank or a pipeline. The sight glass base flange is a weld pad designed to be welded directly to the pressure vessel. The glass is sandwiched between a sealing gasket and a cushion gasket held in place with a clamping flange. The cushion gasket is made from a material harder than the sealing gasket to insure proper compression. Glass is clear, made from tempered borosilicate. These windows are suitable for the ASME pressure code requirements.

LengthWidthHousing MaterialWindow MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
10.000 inch5.000 inchAISI 304LBorosilicateOBWP2-6-T304L-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0001$2465.00each
10.000 inch5.000 inchAISI 316LBorosilicateOBWP2-6-T316L-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0002$2465.00each
10.000 inch5.000 inchSA516-70BorosilicateOBWP2-6-SA516-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0003$2065.00each
10.000 inch5.000 inchSA240BorosilicateOBWP2-6-SA240-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0004$2065.00each
16.000 inch5.000 inchAISI 304LBorosilicateOBWP2-12-T304L-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0005$3639.00each
16.000 inch5.000 inchAISI 316LBorosilicateOBWP2-12-T316L-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0006$3639.00each
16.000 inch5.000 inchSA516-70BorosilicateOBWP2-12-SA516-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0007$2874.00each
16.000 inch5.000 inchSA240BorosilicateOBWP2-12-SA240-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0008$2874.00each
22.000 inch5.000 inchAISI 304LBorosilicateOBWP2-18-T304L-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0009$4095.00each
22.000 inch5.000 inchAISI 316LBorosilicateOBWP2-18-T316L-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0010$4095.00each
22.000 inch5.000 inchSA516-70BorosilicateOBWP2-18-SA516-BORO-T304-EPDM-T304-T3041395A0011$4095.00each
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Papenmeier - F. H. / Lumiglas

Rectangular Sightglass Fittings in Carbon Steel

Carbon steel base flange is welded onto the vessel wall. The glass is sandwiched between gaskets on both sides and is held in place with a cover flange, bolted to the base flange. For use as a fluid level visual indicator inside silos, pressure tanks, and internals of pipelines.

LengthWidthHousing MaterialWindow MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
250.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2Soda limeRSF1-8-BASE-RST-SODA-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0001$443.00each
250.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2BorosilicateRSF1-8-BASE-RST-BORO-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0002$451.00each
300.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2Soda limeRSF1-10-BASE-RST-SODA-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0003$525.00each
300.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2BorosilicateRSF1-10-BASE-RST-BORO-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0004$533.00each
350.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2Soda limeRSF1-12-BASE-RST-SODA-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0005$610.00each
350.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2BorosilicateRSF1-12-BASE-RST-BORO-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0006$618.00each
400.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2Soda limeRSF1-14-BASE-RST-SODA-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0007$703.00each
400.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2BorosilicateRSF1-14-BASE-RST-BORO-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0008$711.00each
500.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2Soda limeRSF2-18-BASE-RST-SODA-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0009$900.00each
500.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2BorosilicateRSF2-18-BASE-RST-BORO-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0010$908.00each
600.00 mm70.00 mmRSt 37-2Soda limeRSF2-22-BASE-RST-SODA-Rfx-KLG-FLG-RST1405A0011$1069.00each
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