Quartz Windows

Quartz is a single crystal material without any impurities. Unlike borosilicate material which is an amorphous solid of silica, boron trioxide, alumina and sodium oxide, quartz has a stable formula SiO2 and has no contaminants.

Not to be confused with single crystal quartz or crystalline quartz, fused quartz is amorphous. Fused quartz starts as natural quartz purified while being melted. Both quartz and fused quartz are extremely pure materials most suitable for applications such as electronics, semiconductor or plasma research requiring dopant-free transparent windows.

In comparison to borosilicate glass, quartz has greater chemical purity and far superior resistance to temperature shock. Quartz can be heated to 800 degrees C and placed in ice without cracking. Borosilicate cannot do that, it will shatter. Choose quartz over borosilicate for most applications.


Quartz Windows, GE 124

Quartz windows for circular sight glasses. The windows are made from GE Type 124 fused quartz. Flat sides are polished to 60-40 S-D optical clarity, typical of commercial quality. Edges are chamfered, the round surface is as ground.

Window Dia.ThicknessWindow MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
1.000 inch0.260 inchQuartz100832327A1000$188.30each
2.000 inch0.500 inchQuartz100833327A1001$242.90each
3.000 inch0.820 inchQuartz100834327A1002$299.40each
4.000 inch1.350 inchQuartz100835327A1003$387.65each
6.000 inch2.150 inchQuartz100836327A1004$442.50each
Commercially available quartz types are variants of pure silica with controlled amounts of doping elements added mainly in order to improve optical transmission range. Dopants also change the softening point of fused quartz and its flexural strength.