KF Flanges and Fittings

KF fittings compliant to the Small Flange (Kleinflansch) or the KF Standard DIN 28403, ISO 2681. These KF fittings are typically used in low, medium and high vacuum applications, down to 10-8 Torr. All KF fittings have a common 15-degree tapered flange with sizes interchangeably measured in NW or DN denominations, depending on the manufacturer. All KF flanges, elbows, tees and crosses have standardized dimensions. These components are interchangeable for any given size and compatible among various manufacturers. KF standard sizes start from KF 10 and typically stop at KF 50, although larger KF-style fittings are also manufactured.

KF Clamps
KF clamps for quick connect vacuum piping systems requiring frequent disassembles without tools.
KF Flange, Half Nipples
KF half nipples for use in high vacuum plumbing lines, down to 10e-08 torr.
KF Flange, Nipples
KF full nipples, where two identical KF flanges are welded to a length of tube.
KF Flange Centering Rings & O-rings
KF centering rings with an O-ring, where the centering ring is made from aluminum or stainless steel. O-ring is Viton.
KF Flange Blanks
KF blank flanges for capping off a KF-style piping system. For use as a temporary or a permanent element of HV plumbing lines.
KF Flange Reducing Nipples
KF reducing nipples have a length of tube with KF flanges of different sizes welded on each end.
KF Flange Elbows
Choose from KF 45° elbows with tangents, or 90° elbows without tangents.
KF Flange Tees
KF tees with three identical KF flanges on tubes' ends.
KF Flange Crosses
KF crosses have cross-welded tubes with identical KF flanges welded on tubes' ends.
KF Bellows
KF bellows, or often called KF flexible couplings, have a length of flexible tubing with identical KF flanges welded on both ends.
KF Flange Socket Welds
KF socket welds are KF flanges with the internal diameter bored to fit on the O.D. of the mating tube.
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