ISO Flanges and Fittings

Flanges and fittings for vacuum plumbing systems with large pipe diameters. ISO fittings in principal are the same as KF fittings, where the mating flanges seal with an elastomer O-ring, except where KF flange sizes stop at size KF 50, the ISO flange sizes start from DN 63. ISO fittings are commonly used in high vacuum (HV), 10-8 torr semiconductor applications, such as roughing lines or exhaust systems of process reactors.

ISO Claw Clamps
ISO clamps are used to hold the to mating flanges together tight enough as to initiate the vacuum. Single clamps and double clamps are made from Aluminum.
ISO Flanges
ISO flanges start from size DN63. Known as "large flanges" where the sealing principal is identical to that of KF flanges. Choose from ISO-MF, Rotatable, ISO Bolted.
ISO Centering Rings & O-Rings
Centering ring positions the O-ring inside the counter-bore of the mating flanges. The spacer ring (outer part) keeps the O-ring from rolling off.
ISO Flange Nipples & Half Nipples
ISO nipples, where one ISO flange is welded to an end of a tube, (ISO half nipple), or two identical flanges are welded to both ends, (ISO full nipple).
ISO Flange Elbows
ISO 90-degree elbows, and 45-degree elbows with tangents. Final assemblies are tumble-finished of bead-blasted for maximum cleanliness in HV piping systems.
ISO Flange Reducers
ISO flange reducers, or often called ISO reducing nipples, have a length of tube with ISO flanges of different sizes welded on the ends.
ISO Flange Adapters
ISO to CF, ISO to KF flange adapters, where a straight tube has an ISO flange welded on one end, and a Conflat flange or a KF flange on the other end.
ISO Flange Bellows
ISO flange bellows, or often called ISO flexible couplings, have a length of flexible tubing with ISO flanges welded on both ends. The tube is hydroformed and tumble-finished.
ISO Flange Crosses
ISO crosses, sizes DN63 up to DN250. Tubes are butt-welded providing smooth, crevice-free joints to achieve maximum cleanliness for high vacuum piping systems.
ISO Flange Tees
ISO tees, sizes DN63 up to DN250. All three flanges are ISO-MF (Multi-Fastener, or Universal) type, requiring claw clamps for joining to mating flanges.
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