Obround Glass

Safety glass for use in level gauges. Choose from transparent of reflective glass. These level gage glasses are used as replacements for broken glasses or glasses out of warranty, scratches or heavy deposits on the see-thru surfaces.

L.J. Star, Inc

Window, Obround Weld Pad Gage

Replacement glass for L.J. Star obround weld pad gauges. This safety glass is suitable for ASME code requirements. The tempered borosilicate window has optical finish on the flat sides without anti reflective coating, edges are ground.

LengthThicknessWidthWindow MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
25.187 inch0.750 inch5.187 inchBorosilicate020049-014356A1014$115.05each
19.187 inch0.750 inch5.187 inchBorosilicate020049-011356A1013$108.15each
13.187 inch0.750 inch5.187 inchBorosilicate020049-008356A1012$100.75each
7.187 inch0.750 inch5.187 inchBorosilicate020049-004356A1011$94.85each
25.187 inch0.625 inch4.187 inchBorosilicate020049-013356A1010$112.05each
19.187 inch0.625 inch4.187 inchBorosilicate020049-010356A1009$107.15each
13.187 inch0.625 inch4.187 inchBorosilicate020049-007356A1008$104.85each
7.187 inch0.625 inch4.187 inchBorosilicate020049-003356A1007$97.85each
25.187 inch0.375 inch3.187 inchBorosilicate020049-012356A1006$109.05each
19.187 inch0.375 inch3.187 inchBorosilicate020049-009356A1005$100.85each
13.187 inch0.375 inch3.187 inchBorosilicate020049-006356A1004$99.05each
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