Metric Sight Glass

These sight windows are typically used for visual inspection, machine vision, optical sensors, in use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigeration, water heaters, and compressed air applications.

Metric sight glasses with male fittings conforming to ISO 6149-1 standard, (SAE 2244-1/DIN 3852, Part 3). The housings have metric straight threads to ISO 262. In other words, metric sight glasses are governed by ISO 6149-1 for the port details, and the threads are governed by Metric ISO 261 standard.

The windows in these metric sight glasses are fused or bonded or sealed with a gasket within their metal housings. The part is easy to install, and has a long working life without maintenance. Be sure to use the installation guide to ensure proper torque is used, as glass windows need some diligence during installation.