Metric Clamps SH Type I - Single Bolt, Wing Nut

Metric Clamps SH Type I, standard in 316 Stainless Steel. All features are the same as on SH Type I clamps, except the nominal clamp sizes are metric.

L.J. Star, Inc

Hygienic Metric Clamps, SH Type I, 316 Stainless Steel, Wing Nut

SH Type I Metric Clamp, standard in 316 Stainless Steel. All features are the same as on SH Type I clamp, except the nominal clamp size is metric.

Standard SH Type I Clamp are the most popular clamp for sanitary piping systems. The clamp incorporates a two-pin hinge allowing for a more uniform compression of the gasket. The SH Type I clamps come with a stainless steel wing nut. A unique feature of SH Type I clamps is their latch safety. The gate-style opening combined with the stepped eyebolt prevent accidental "bumping-off" of the bolt.

Clamp SizeClamp MaterialMax Operating PressureMax Operating Temp.Mfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
ISO-20AISI 316870 psi450 FCL SH D010222A1000$99.00per package of 4
ISO-25AISI 316870 psi450 FCL SH D025222A1001$119.20per package of 4
ISO-50AISI 316870 psi450 FCL SH D050222A1002$98.34per package of 3
ISO-65AISI 316696 psi450 FCL SH 0300222A1003$125.61per package of 3
ISO-80AISI 316610 psi450 FCL SH 0350222A1004$104.94per package of 2
ISO-100AISI 316522 psi450 FCL SH 0400222A1005$185.64per package of 3
ISO-125AISI 316348 psi450 FCH SH 0550222A1006$79.80each
ISO-150AISI 316278 psi450 FCL SH 0658222A1007$90.75each
ISO-200AISI 316174 psi450 FCL SH 0858222A1008$138.50each