Metal C-Seals

C-seals or C-rings are a replacement of typical elastomer O-rings in applications requiring high operating temperatures, pressures and superior chemical compatibility. Typical uses include rocket engines, turbines, high vacuum systems, cryogenic or fire seals.

Choose from the Metal options:
Alloy 718 (Inconel), up to 1200 degrees F temperature limit, NACE approved for H2 service.
Alloy X750, up to 1100 degrees F. Low springback, lower compression load from the seal.
Waspaloy, up to 1350 degrees F. Superior resistance to creep and stress relaxation above 1200F.
Stainless 304, up to 800F. Cost effective seals, low springback.
Elgiloy, up to 900F. Excellent resistance to H2 embrittlement.
Incoloy 909, up to 1200F. Low expansion alloy.


Metal C-Seals, External Pressure

Metal C-seals are replacement of elastomer O-rings. C-seal takes its name from the shape of its cross-section that looks like a letter "C", where a thin substrate metal is formed into a ring. The opening of the C is outward from the ring center which creates an additional sealing force from the external pressure. Metal substrate is compressed into the groove during the installation. Under elastic deformation the seal springs back creating robust sealing at low pressures, while accommodating cavity thermal expansion. These seals are from JETSEAL. They are differentiated from generic seals by consistent adherence to the high standards. Every manufacturing process is tightly controlled. For example, the sealing surfaces are profile-lapped to ensure continuous sealing contact in static applications and also in situations where the seal can slide on the landing surface due a mismatch in coefficients of thermal conductivity. These seals are not vibro-finished or tumbled as most generic seals. There is no jitterbug or wavy finish on the surfaces. Typical uses include rocket engines, turbine case joints, high vacuum systems, cryogenic or fire seals.

Width and ThicknessSeal I.D.Seal O.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply4.691 inch5.093 inchIncoloy 909JTE04691-18-06-00----1402A13071RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply4.753 inch5.155 inchIncoloy 909JTE04753-18-06-00----1402A13072RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply4.816 inch5.218 inchIncoloy 909JTE04816-18-06-00----1402A13073RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply4.878 inch5.280 inchIncoloy 909JTE04878-18-06-00----1402A13074RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply4.941 inch5.343 inchIncoloy 909JTE04941-18-06-00----1402A13075RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply5.003 inch5.405 inchIncoloy 909JTE05003-18-06-00----1402A13076RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply5.066 inch5.468 inchIncoloy 909JTE05066-18-06-00----1402A13077RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply5.128 inch5.530 inchIncoloy 909JTE05128-18-06-00----1402A13078RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply5.191 inch5.593 inchIncoloy 909JTE05191-18-06-00----1402A13079RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply5.253 inch5.655 inchIncoloy 909JTE05253-18-06-00----1402A13080RFQ
1/4 - .020 - Two Ply5.316 inch5.718 inchIncoloy 909JTE05316-18-06-00----1402A13081RFQ
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