Metal C-Seals

C-seals or C-rings are a replacement of typical elastomer O-rings in applications requiring high operating temperatures, pressures and superior chemical compatibility. Typical uses include rocket engines, turbines, high vacuum systems, cryogenic or fire seals.

Choose from the Metal options:
Alloy 718 (Inconel), up to 1200 degrees F temperature limit, NACE approved for H2 service.
Alloy X750, up to 1100 degrees F. Low springback, lower compression load from the seal.
Waspaloy, up to 1350 degrees F. Superior resistance to creep and stress relaxation above 1200F.
Stainless 304, up to 800F. Cost effective seals, low springback.
Elgiloy, up to 900F. Excellent resistance to H2 embrittlement.
Incoloy 909, up to 1200F. Low expansion alloy.