Low Profile Solenoids

Low profile solenoids offer fast response times under no load conditions, relatively high holding force and short strokes. Pull type solenoids are at rest typically in fully extended position. When electric current is applied the rod moves into the body of the solenoid. At the beginning of the stroke in the fully extended position the pull force for pull-type solenoids is the weakest and grows stronger as the rod moves closer to the solenoid body.

Push-type solenoids develop the strongest force at the start of the push stroke, when the extension rod is fully retracted into the solenoid. In its fully extended position the holding force is the weakest. It's the opposite effect from the pull-type solenoids.

Low profile solenoids have high reliability over a lifetime of cycling because of short travel distance, therefore minimum amount of wear. Typically low profile solenoids have a carbon steel body, zinc- or nickel- plated for increased corrosion resistance.

Magnetic Sensor Systems, Inc.

Tubular Low Profile Clapper Solenoids

Tubular low profile clapper solenoids from Magnetic Sensor Systems.

Pull/PushStrokeDuty CycleForce at 50% StrokeSealedWire ConnectionMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
Pull5.10 mmContinuous, 100%198 grSealedWire AWG 24S-05-125334A1001$86.78each
The solenoid low profile shape optimizes the magnetic flux paths for maximum force over the stroke range.