For Listing Engineers

All products on are listed by suppliers and engineers. Most product images in the Encole catalog are 3D renderings of their respective products.

Listing engineers love creating beautiful renderings. For you as an engineer, your work is your art and an opportunity to earn money using your professional skills. If you are good at CAD and technical enough to understand industrial product datasheets, this is your platform.

Find a product supplier you want to work with and help them create stunning product pages. List the products on and get paid from product sales. Encole has all the tools you need. During listing will guide you on how to transfer technical specifications from a datasheet, including accurate product part numbers. Add a product image, a drawing, and publish. That simple. You've just liberated data trapped in a PDF file into a useful searchable catalog. Products go live on and you've helped someone with another solution they are looking for.



When a product is sold, we send you, the Listing Engineer a check or a wire transfer. You specify your preference on how you wish to receive payments when you join and list products. When you join, we will be in touch. The amount you receive is in accordance with our payout schedule, typically this is a percentage of the list price.


Tips on listing a product

Find the most relevant subcategory where you think your product should be listed. When creating a description give a brief overview of the product with examples of how it’s used and the most typical applications. Customers can relate to that. When filing in product data, the Sell on Encole flow will walk you through. For images use hi-resolution image files of no less than 600 x 600px in size, on a white background. Add a drawing measuring no less than 600px H by 780px W. Use a border on the drawing, ideally with a template having a title block. All this information makes the product clearly presented, this helps the customer tremendously. Our customers are typically engineers, researchers and technical buyers who cannot waste time looking at incomplete data.

As far as product images, use quality rendering applications such as KeyShot, V-ray, SolidWorks PhotoView 360, cloud-based Onshape OneRender or similar tools integrated with 3D models.