Flanged Bolt-On Sight Glass Lights

Process lights for circular sight ports. Choose from a bolt-on mounting option or an integral light/sightport option where the light and the glass are clamped together with a screwed cover.

Papenmeier - F. H. / Lumiglas

Lumiglas Sight Glass Lights "Lumistar" Flanged Series

Luminaires for use with flanged sight glass window. These lights are ready to be bolted down to a sight window with four screws that come standard with the unit. A gasket is provided to be installed between the luminaire and the sight window in order to provide protection for the halogen light from dust, moisture, and also to eliminate glare. The unit is independent from the process pressure as it's installed over the sight window. Maximum operating temperature is 80 degrees C at the cable gland.

Suitable for circular sight glass fittings to DIN 28120. This luminaire is designed to illuminate the internals of boilers, tanks, bunkers, silos, mixers, separators, pipelines and other vessels or reactors which are normally sealed from ambient light. This model is intended for use in all Non-Hazardous Areas. Suitable for food processing.

Supplied with built-in push button momentary on/off switch. The luminaire is constructed from die cast aluminum. Paint finish is RAL 9007. The luminaire comes without cable. Cable entry gland is M16 x 1.5.

Nominal Pipe SizePush ButtonLampLamp SocketHousing MaterialVoltsWattsBuilt-In TransformerMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
ISO-50YesHalogenGY6.35Die Cast Aluminum24.0 V20 WNo3544.001.00241A1000$528.85each
ISO-80YesHalogenGY6.35Die Cast Aluminum24.0 V50 WNo3544.007.00241A1001$543.00each
ISO-100YesHalogenGY6.35Die Cast Aluminum24.0 V100 WNo3544.014.00241A1002$614.35each
ISO-125YesHalogenGY6.35Die Cast Aluminum24.0 V100 WNo3544.019.00241A1003$695.00each
ISO-150YesHalogenGY6.35Die Cast Aluminum24.0 V100 WNo3544.024.00241A1004$775.00each
ISO-200YesHalogenGY6.35Die Cast Aluminum24.0 V100 WNo3544.029.00241A1005$815.00each