ConFlat, CF Sight Glass

Conflat sight windows for ultra-high vacuum. Housing is designed to ISO 3699 connections.

Metaglas, Herberts Industrieglas GmbH & Co. KG

ConFlat, CF Sight Glasses, Borosilicate Fused to Duplex Steel 2205 or Hastelloy Housing

CF flanged sight windows for ultra high vacuum applications and sanitary processing equipment. Suitable configuration for DUV lithography and UV inspection in semiconductor applications, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Designed for use with standard metal gaskets to ISO 3699 connections.

Fusing glass to metal creates a hermetically sealed single-piece part. The advantage of this construction is high strength of the glass, which ensures safety of operation, even during cycling operating temperatures common with equipment starts and stops. The part is easy to install, and has a long working life without maintenance.

Nominal Pipe SizeAperture Dia.Housing MaterialWindow MaterialMax Operating Temp.Mfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
1-1/3" (DN16)18.00 mm2205 DuplexBorosilicate280 CMet 19CF-S-DN16909N03$339.67each
1-1/3" (DN16)18.00 mmHastelloy C-22Borosilicate300 CMet 19CF-H-DN16910N03$1875.36each
2-3/4" (DN40)35.00 mm2205 DuplexBorosilicate280 CMet 19CF-S-DN40909N06$379.45each
4-1/2" (DN63)60.00 mm2205 DuplexBorosilicate280 CMet 19CF-S-DN63909N08$1215.15each
6" (DN100)70.00 mm2205 DuplexBorosilicate280 CMet 19CF-S-DN100909N10$1449.67each
8" (DN160)90.00 mm2205 DuplexBorosilicate280 CMet 19CF-S-DN160909N12$1803.28each
10" (DN200)120.00 mm2205 DuplexBorosilicate280 CMet 19CF-S-DN200909N13$2174.39each
2-3/4" (DN40)35.00 mmHastelloy C-22Borosilicate300 CMet 19CF-H-DN40910N06$2142.75each
4-1/2" (DN63)60.00 mmHastelloy C-22Borosilicate300 CMet 19CF-H-DN63910N08$2468.88each
6" (DN100)70.00 mmHastelloy C-22Borosilicate300 CMet 19CF-H-DN100910N10$2793.64each
8" (DN160)90.00 mmHastelloy C-22Borosilicate300 CMet 19CF-H-DN160910N12$3165.79each
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