CF Full Nipples

The tube is welded to a non-rotatable CF flange on one end and a rotatable flange of the other end. Both flanges have threaded or clearance mounting bolt holes.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

CF Full Nipples

CF full nipples with a non-rotatable CF flange welded to one end of the tube and a rotatable flange on the other end. Both flanges have clearance bolt holes for flange mounting. Made from 304 Stainless steel.

Flange SizeTube O.D.LengthMaterialNumber of Rotatable FlangesMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
1-1/3" (DN16)0.750 inch3.000 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-075230A1000$72.00each
2-1/8" (DN25)1.000 inch4.100 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-100230A1001$80.40each
2-3/4" (DN40)1.500 inch4.920 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-150230A1002$86.40each
3-3/8" (DN50)2.000 inch6.440 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-200230A1003$178.75each
4-1/2" (DN63)2.500 inch6.760 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-250230A1004$258.40each
4-1/2" (DN63)2.500 inch8.240 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-250V230A1005$270.00each
4-5/8" (DN80)3.000 inch7.060 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-300230A1006$298.60each
6" (DN100)4.000 inch8.640 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-400230A1007$336.00each
6" (DN100)4.000 inch10.620 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-400V230A1008$360.00each
8" (DN160)6.000 inch5.500 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-600230A1009$570.00each
8" (DN160)6.000 inch13.120 inchAISI 3041 Rotatable2N-600V230A1010$636.00each
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