BSP Threaded Sight Glass

Sight glasses with British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads. Generally BSP threads can be parallel or tapered. Tapered threads are called British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT) thread, where the size is denoted with letter "R". In the parallel version, British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP), the size is denoted with letter "G".

BSP threads follow the British Standard Whitworth (BSW) form, where the tooth angle is 55 degrees unlike 60 degrees in NPT, with the rounded roots and the crests of the teeth, not flat as in NPT threads.

Windows in these sight glasses are encased into the BSP-threaded fittings.

Metaglas, Herberts Industrieglas GmbH & Co. KG

BSPP-Threaded Sight Glass, Borosilicate Fused to Duplex Steel 2205 or Hastelloy Housing

Sight windows with Whitworth threads sealing with an O-ring. Female connection port conforming to DIN 3852 Type F. The thread form follows the British Standard Whitworth standard. The thread is cylindrical (as opposed to conical BSPT), has a 55° tooth angle, with roots and crests rounded.

Designed for visual inspection, machine vision, optical sensors, in use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigeration, water heaters, and compressed air applications.

Aperture Dia.ThreadMax Operating PressureMax Operating Temp.Housing MaterialWindow MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
23.00 mmG 3/850 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-038S705S06$185.52each
10.00 mmG 3/850 bar300 CHastelloy C-276BorosilicateMet 61-G-038H706S06$406.78each
12.50 mmG 1/250 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-05S705S07$203.98each
16.50 mmG 3/450 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-075S705S09$218.75each
22.00 mmG 150 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-100S705S11$231.55each
24.00 mmG 1-1/450 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-125S705S12$273.60each
26.00 mmG 1-1/250 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-150S705S13$284.00each
34.00 mmG 250 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-200S705S14$363.20each
44.00 mmG 2-1/250 bar280 C2205 DuplexBorosilicateMet 61-G-250S705S15$392.95each
12.50 mmG 1/250 bar300 CHastelloy C-276BorosilicateMet 61-G-05H706S07$468.95each
16.50 mmG 3/450 bar300 CHastelloy C-276BorosilicateMet 61-G-075H706S09$526.12each
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