06 June 2018

Creating Value From Questions

I am excited to see that our efforts in web development are paying off. We are casually introducing new ways to market something that needs a lot of creative energy. Think boring stuff, think a tube fitting or a valve. Do you take it to a trade show? Absolutely. But I am talking about introducing new ways of marketing such things as engineering components and industrial supplies. After all, we are in a digital ocean of new opportunities.

As an example, we help Swagelok customers find the fittings by creating clear drawings and product pages in a digital format, rather than a paper catalog. I am excited to see that we are receiving very specific questions, rather than questions for help finding parts in the first place. Product presentation totally helps identifying the exact product customers are looking for. A quick specific question recently was if a particular plug goes with a particular fitting. At a glance at both pages it was clear that, yes the part numbers do go together. Having a quality product drawing moves the design engineer so much more efficiently, and also helps the customer make a purchasing decision. This is marketing in the digital world. One take away from this is for industrial suppliers to take note: turn generic questions into product specific questions by better product presentation.

Case in point: Swagelok tube fitting: part number SS-1610-6; and a plug part number SS-1610-P. They go together. Easy to find, easy show.