Thermoplastic 3-Way Manual Ball Valve, Sizes 1/2" to 2", SERIES TMBV 3-WAY

Create a 3D CAD model of the 3-way manual ball valves for product rendering, no fabrication specific. Plastomatic Valves, Inc. offers these types of valves in different sizes, and also different connections types - threaded and with a socket (for welding to a tube). Create two models - one showing threaded connections, and one showing socketed connections. These CAD models will be used to make ISO-images on white background, similar how products are presented on

Create a tabulated drawing showing dimension L1, L, H1, H, and D. This is for Plastomatic valves, serving the needs of irrigation, chemical, process industries where metal corrosion is unacceptable.

Refer to this page for an overview of the ball valves available from Plastomatic Valve, Inc.

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