Oil-Rite Corporation

NPTF-Threaded Sight Glass, Size 3/4", Zinc-Plated Carbon Steel, Sodalime

Sodalime glass is fused to a plain carbon steel body which is Zinc-plated for added corrosion resistance.

These sight glasses can be threaded directly into a pipe, or a boss welded to a pipe with subsequent threads cut into the boss. These are ideal budget sight glasses/viewports for visual observation of liquid levels and their colors.

Applications include hydraulic systems with mineral oils, diesel, and other common petrochemicals where low cost is required. Not suitable for cycling high temperature, high pressure or aggressively corrosive applications.
·Aperture Dia.0.750 inch
·Housing MaterialCarbon Steel, Plated
·Max Operating Pressure125 psi
·Max Operating Temp.130 F
·With ReflectorNo
·ThreadNPTF 3/4"
·Window MaterialSoda lime

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