International Ceramics Engineering, Inc.

Crucible, High Form, Alumina 99.8%, 500 mL

Crucibles manufactured from 99.8% pure aluminum oxide, these high-form crucibles are highly resistant to chemicals, ethanol, isopropanol alkalines, aldehydes, aromatic solvents, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, and peracetic acid. These crucibles have high resistance to most acids, bases and metals. Not suitable for use with hydrofluoric acid, sodium metal, lithium metal. 99.8% pure Alumina crucibles are chemically inactive in hydrogen, inert gases and carbonaceous atmospheres. These crucibles are autoclavable. The Alumina material is unglazed, as such it can withstand higher temperature.
·Height118.00 mm
·Volume500.0 mL
·Diameter90.00 mm