L.J. Star, Inc

NPT Threaded Flow Indicator, Carbon Steel, ANSI 300 psi Service, Rotator Style, Size 1-1/2"

Visual flow indicator with NPT threaded female ports. Thread form complies with the ASME B1.20.1 standard, in carbon steel housing designed for 150 psi service. Designed with front and back windows for backlighting making it easy to see flow variations inside any pipeline, even when used with dark liquids.

There is a rotating wheel between the two windows enabling to quickly see if there is any flow going through the pipe. The visibility of the rotor motion makes this style particularly well suited for monitoring clear, translucent or solutions with dark colors, as the rotator is clearly distinguished from the background of the fluid.

This flow indicator is installed in-line of the pipeline between two threaded pipe ends. This model offers pipeline view through toughened borosilicate glass windows internally sealed to the metal housing with Neoprene flat gaskets.

Optional window materials include pre-stressed safety glass or quartz.
Optional gasket materials include Buna N, Viton, Gylon, silicone, graphite and non-asbestos gaskets.
Standard Safety and Maintenance Features include: Independently bolted glass retainers; Acrylic enamel coating surface finish.

·Housing MaterialCarbon Steel
·Gasket MaterialNeoprene
·ThreadNPT 1-1/2"
·ASME Class300
·Aperture Dia.1.750 inch
·Flow Indicator StyleRotator

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