Metric Sight Glass, 316 Stainless Steel, Quartz Window, M27x2

Sight window with metric threads conforming to ASME B1-1.3M-2005. For visual inspection, machine vision, laser sensors, in use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigerants, pharmaceutical processing equipment, paper & pulp plants, marine exterior, oil wells, feedwater heaters. Resists most oxidizing acids and salt sprays.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel housing has a finish of 32 RMS providing smooth surfaces reducing residues or particle contaminants. Quartz window is sealed into the housing with non-outgassing quartz-filled bond forming a single-piece part. This sight glass has a long working life under severe temperature swings and prolonged exposures to UV light.

Required port to Standard: DIN ISO 6149-1. Male stud of the fitting conforms to: ISO 6149-2/3 for use with O-ring ISO M27. The O-ring is sold separately.
·Aperture Dia.16.30 mm
·Max Operating Pressure210 bar
·Max Operating Temp.55 C
·Housing MaterialAISI 316
·Window MaterialQuartz
·ThreadM27 x 2

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