Papenmeier - F. H. / Lumiglas

Lumiglas Circular Sightglass Weld-On, DIN 28120 PN10, RST 37.2, PTFE, Borosilicate, Size DN100

Weld-on circular sightglass for a quick observation inside pressure vessels, silos, pipelines, oil tanks, mixers separators.

This sightglass fitting comes standard with all seals and mounting hardware included. The kit includes one Weld pad and one Cover flange made from RST 37.2 carbon steel, one toughened borosilicate disc, one seal gasket made from PTFE (Teflon), one cushion gasket made from Klinger(R) C-4400, eight mounting studs and nuts made from carbon steel bolt grade 5.6. The weld pad is flat on the bottom and has a weld prep chamfer ready to be welded to a flat process wall. Curvature can be machined in as needed to match non-flat vessel walls. The weld pad comes plated and the cover flange is painted for rust prevention.

After welding the ferrule (weld pad) the sightglass disc has a permanent dedicated location on the pressure vessel. Cover flange, window, seals and mounting hardware can be replaced during scheduled service intervals or as needed. Sightglass disc and the gaskets must be replaced whenever the assembly is taken apart.
·Aperture Dia.125.00 mm
·Max Operating Pressure150 psi
·Max Operating Temp.280 C
·Housing MaterialCarbon Steel
·Window MaterialBorosilicate
·Nominal Pipe SizeISO-100

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