Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

ISO Flexible Coupling, Size DN-63

ISO Flexible Coupling, Size DN-63 with ISO non-rotatable multi fastener (ISO-MF) flanges on the ends. The bellows material comes standard in 316L stainless steel. Flanges material is 304 Stainless Steel. For increased corrosion resistance, the flanges are available in 316L Stainless as an option.

Vacuum range is >1 x 10E-8 Torr with an elastomer O-ring, or > 1 x 10E-11 Torr with a EVAC metal seal for ultra high vacuum.
·Bellows I.D.2.500 inch
·Wall Thickness0.008 inch
·Free Length7.000 inch
·Compressed Length6.200 inch
·Bellows MaterialAISI 316L
·Flange MaterialAISI 304
·Nominal Pipe SizeISO-63
·Number of Rotatable Flanges0

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