Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

KF50 to KF16 Reducing Nipple

KF50 to KF16 reducing nipple, made from 304 stainless steel, both flange and tube portion. 316 L available upon request.This KF nipple is designed to hold ultra-high vacuum, (UHV) with a metal seal, or a high vacuum, (HV) with an O-ring. In a typical application the O-ring is mounted on a centering ring aligning the flanges and holding the O-ring in place.

Vacuum range is > 1x10 E-11 Torr for ultra high vacuum, UHV with an EVAC metal seal. With an elastomer seal vacuum range is > 1x10 E-8 Torr, high vacuum, HV applications.

·MaterialAISI 304
·Tube O.D.0.750 inch
·Length1.300 inch
·Flange 2KF16
·Flange 1KF50

The information in this Drawing and 3-D models is provided for reference only. Details