Weld Fittings

Encole offers weld fittings for vacuum applications, and also weld fittings for use in energy generation, water or steam plumbing lines.

Weld fittings are available in a type of stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum depending on the requirements for corrosion resistance. For vacuum and UHV the fittings are typically made from 304 stainless steel with bead-blast surface finish or electropolished for cleanliness.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Mitered 90-Degree Weld Elbows, 304 Stainless

Weld fitting 90-degree mitered elbows. The tubes are made from 304 stainless steel and are port-pulled. The elbows are welded with full penetration welds and bead blasted after welding for improved cleanliness.

Tube O.D.Wall ThicknessLengthMaterialVacuum GradeMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
0.750 inch0.035 inch1.000 inchAISI 304YesE-075M188A1000$44.00each
1.000 inch0.065 inch1.880 inchAISI 304YesE-100M188A1001$38.60each
1.500 inch0.065 inch2.250 inchAISI 304YesE-150M188A1002$41.50each
2.000 inch0.065 inch3.000 inchAISI 304YesE-200M188A1003$87.80each
2.500 inch0.065 inch3.000 inchAISI 304YesE-250M188A1004$87.80each
3.000 inch0.065 inch3.250 inchAISI 304YesE-300M188A1005$110.20each
4.000 inch0.083 inch3.880 inchAISI 304YesE-400M188A1006$193.75each
5.000 inch0.083 inch4.250 inchAISI 304YesE-500M-B188A1007$243.50each
6.000 inch0.083 inch5.000 inchAISI 304YesE-600M-B188A1008$448.90each
Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

180-Degree Return Weld Elbows, 304 Stainless

Weld fitting 180-degree return elbows for UHV applications. The tube is made from 304 stainless steel and is port-pulled. The elbows are bead blasted for improved cleanliness.

Tube O.D.Wall ThicknessMaterialVacuum GradeBend AngleMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
0.500 inch0.049 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-050190A1000$66.70each
0.750 inch0.035 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-075190A1001$69.00each
1.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-100190A1002$86.25each
1.500 inch0.065 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-150190A1003$103.50each
2.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-200190A1004$138.00each
Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Weld Fitting Tees, 304 Stainless

Weld fitting tees for ultra high vacuum applications. The tube is port-pulled, welded with full penetration welds and bead blasted after welding for improved cleanliness.

Tube O.D.Length Center to EndWall ThicknessMaterialVacuum GradeMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
0.750 inch1.000 inch0.035 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-075192A1001$24.00each
0.750 inch1.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-075T192A1003$84.00each
1.000 inch1.880 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-100192A1004$55.20each
1.500 inch2.250 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-150192A1005$36.00each
1.500 inch2.410 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-150192A1006$38.40each
2.000 inch3.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-200192A1007$40.80each
2.000 inch2.610 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-200H192A1008$42.00each
2.500 inch3.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-250192A1009$78.00each
2.500 inch3.750 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-250V192A1010$84.00each
3.000 inch3.250 inch0.065 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-300192A1011$78.00each
4.000 inch3.880 inch0.083 inchAISI 304YesG-7W-400192A1012$120.00each
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Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Weld Fitting 4-Way Crosses, 304 Stainless

4-way crosses for ultra high vacuum, UHV. The tubes are port-pulled, welded with full penetration welds and bead blasted after welding for improved cleanliness. Made from 304 Stainless steel.

Tube O.D.Cross TypeWall ThicknessMaterialLength Center to EndVacuum GradeMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
0.500 inch4-Way Cross0.049 inchAISI 3040.750 inchYesG-9W-050193A1000$69.80each
0.750 inch4-Way Cross0.035 inchAISI 3041.000 inchYesG-9W-075193A1001$69.80each
1.000 inch4-Way Cross0.065 inchAISI 3041.880 inchYesG-9W-100193A1002$55.00each
1.500 inch4-Way Cross0.065 inchAISI 3042.410 inchYesG-9W-150193A1004$89.70each
2.000 inch4-Way Cross0.065 inchAISI 3043.000 inchYesG-9W-200193A1005$83.75each
2.000 inch4-Way Cross0.065 inchAISI 3042.610 inchYesG-9W-200193A1006$101.20each
3.000 inch4-Way Cross0.065 inchAISI 3043.250 inchYesG-9W-300193A1009$194.25each
4.000 inch4-Way Cross0.083 inchAISI 3043.880 inchYesG-9W-400193A1010$334.00each
4.000 inch4-Way Cross0.083 inchAISI 3044.870 inchYesG-9W-400V193A1011$311.20each
5.000 inch4-Way Cross0.083 inchAISI 3044.250 inchYesG-9W-400V193A1012$655.25each
6.000 inch4-Way Cross0.083 inchAISI 3046.060 inchYesG-9W-600V-B193A1014$785.75each
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