Sight Glass Ex-Lights, for Hazardous Zones

Sight glass lights for hazardous areas, also known as explosion proof lights, or Ex-lights. These lights have been tested in gas or dust per ATEX or UL testing protocols.

Papenmeier - F. H. / Lumiglas

Lumiglas Luminaire Series USL 05-Ex

Thees super-compact luminaire can be used for integral light/sight port (single flange version) or separate light and sight ports (dual flange version) to illuminate the internals of through-flow indicators, pipelines, laboratory mixers and other vessels and reactors which are normally closed.

This model is intended for use in all Ex Hazardous areas. the unit is suitable for food processing. The luminaire must never be inserted into a vessel wall as a sealing element, that is, without appropriate sightglass disc and fitting. The luminaire is supplied with a pressure proof, resin cast flared cable entry, and a 6.5 ft - long cable. Cable-gland unit can be replaced on site, e.g. to install a longer cable.

LampLamp SocketCable ConnectionBuilt-In TransformerVoltsWattsMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
HalogenG4PigtailNo12 V5 WNot Available252A1000$450.00each
HalogenGY6.35PigtailYes230-12 V20 W3541.101.00255A1000$937.00each
HalogenGY6.35TerminalYes230-12 V20 W3541.151.00256A1000$798.00each
HalogenG4PigtailNo120-12 V5 WNot Available252A1001$665.00each
HalogenG4PigtailYes230-12 V5 WNot Available252A1002$668.00each
HalogenG4PigtailYes12.0 V20 WNot Available252A1003$469.00each
HalogenG4PigtailNo24 V20 WNot Available252A1004$476.00each
HalogenG4PigtailNo24 V20 W3541.103.00255A1001$824.00each
HalogenGY6.35PigtailYes230-12 V35 W3541.106.00255A1002$937.00each
HalogenGY6.35PigtailYes240-12 V35 W3541.111.00255A1003$937.00each
HalogenGY6.35PigtailNo12 V50 W3541.116.00255A1004$757.00each
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