Seals and Gaskets

Ready-to-use gaskets for circular flanges. The principle operation of a gasket is to fill the space between two mating flanges in order to prevent the process media from escaping the enclosed volume. These gaskets are typically used for sealing piping lines or terminal connection on a tank or a process reactor. Typically rubber-based gaskets can be reused multiple times, while metal gaskets should be replaced at every disassembly.

Gaskets for Conflat® Flanges
CF gaskets, sizes "Mini" and up. Choose from copper CF gaskets of silver-plated gaskets for applications with frequent bake-outs of vacuum systems.
Full Face Gaskets
Gaskets with thru-holes for mounting bolts. Full-face gaskets support the flange evenly on the face, preventing possible bending at the flange edge.
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Metal gaskets for ASME flanges. These are composite gaskets where several dissimilar materials are assembled together for optimum temperature, pressure and fluid compatibility.
Graphite Gaskets
Replacement gaskets for Encole circular sight glasses. Graphite material is 98.2 % industrial grade.
High Temperature Thread Sealants
Leak-tight paste for threads, or metal-to-metal gaskets. Ideal as a dressing for spiral-wound gaskets, or as the only sealant for NPT threads. Will not cement the joints, will not become brittle at temperature.
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