Push Tubular Solenoids

Push-type tubular solenoids develop the strongest force at the start of the push stroke, when the extension rod is fully retracted into the solenoid. In its fully extended position the holding force is the weakest. Avoid side loading on the shaft in order to improve solenoid performance and increase its lifetime.

Magnetic Sensor Systems, Inc.

Push Type Tubular Solenoids

Push type tubular solenoids from Magnet Sensor Systems.

StrokeDuty CycleForce at 50% StrokeSealedWire ConnectionMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
2.30 mmContinuous, 100%23 grSealedWire AWG 27S-63-38-H333A1001$32.48each
When selecting a solenoid consider factors that will affect the life of the unit. Heat, side-loading, stroke and operating environment all play an important role in determining the life you can expect in your application.