CF Fittings

CF fittings seal by forging the gasket with a knife-edge machined into the mating flange. Two mating flanges are symmetrical and use a copper gasket or an elastomer seal sandwiched between the knife-edges facing toward each other. CF fittings are designed for ultra high vacuum (UHV) applications and can achieve vacuums to less than 1x10-13 Torr. Typically a CF piping system is baked out at up to 450°C. For systems requiring frequent bake outs at high temperatures, a silver-plated copper gasket is recommened. The lowest operating temperature of a CF system with a metal gasket is -200°C, or -20°C with an elastomer seal.

CF Flanges
CF bored and blank flanges made from 304 Stainless Steel. Choose from sizes CF 1-1/3" to CF 12". Flanges are available in rotational and non-rotational configurations.
CF Nipples
CF half nipples & full nipples according to the vacuum technology standard ISO/TS 3669-2. Sizes from CF 1-1/3" (Mini) to CF 14".
CF Elbows
Conflat elbows, made from 304 Stainless Steel. CF 45-degree elbows with tangents and CF 90-degree elbows. Sizes from CF 1-1/3" (Mini) to CF 13-2/5".
CF Tees
Non-rotatable CF flange on one end of the welded 3-way cross tube, and two rotatable flanges on the other ends. Sizes from CF 1.33" to CF 13.25".
CF Crosses
4-way, 5-way, 6-way Conflat (CF) crosses. And CF 6-way cube crosses. Conflat 6-way cube crosses are machined from a block of 304 stainless steel.
CF Bellows
CF bellows, or often called CF flexible couplings, have a length of flexible tubing with CF flanges welded on both ends. The tube is hydroformed and tumble-finished.
CF Reducing Nipples
CF Flange 1 to CF Flange 2 reducing nipples. Flanges are fully interchangeable under ISO/TS 3669-2. Combination of sizes between CF 2-3/4" up to CF 14".
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