Open Frame Solenoids

Open frame solenoids come in C- frame and D- frame, where the shape of the solenoid frame resembles the shape of the letter. Both C- and D-frame solenoids are linear stroke solenoid types, where the C-shape ones are the simplest design for linear solenoids. D-frame solenoids have four metal sides surrounding the coil allowing for an optimum balance between puling force, stroke range and price. Higher performing D-frame solenoids have the frame made from a single piece of metal forming an uninterrupted magnetic field around the corners.

Open C-frame and D-frame solenoids typically operate on direct current.

Magnetic Sensor Systems, Inc.

Open Frame Solenoids Series S-20-150, D-Frame

Open frame solenoids Series S-20-150, D-Frame, from Magnetic Sensor Systems.

Pull/PushStrokeForce at 50% StrokeDuty CycleMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
Pull1.000 inch1.2 ozContinuous, 100%S-20-150337A1001$72.27each