KF Flange Socket Welds

KF socket welds are KF flanges with the internal diameter bored to fit on the O.D. of the mating tube.

Duniway Stockroom Corporation

KF Flange Socket Welds

Aluminum sockets to be welded or brazed to a bare tube, forming a KF flange nipple.

Nominal SizeMaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
KF16AluminumKF16-075-AL177A1000$23.56per package of 2
KF25AluminumKF25-100-AL177A1001$27.04per package of 2
KF40AluminumKF40-150-AL177A1002$37.90per package of 2
KF50AluminumKF50-200-AL177A1003$49.36per package of 2