KF Sight Glasses

This KF sight glass is designed for vacuum hygienic applications. It is simple to install with no risk of breakage. This is a single-piece part ideal for use on food processing equipment (A3-Standard).

The housing is made from stainless steel or Hastelloy, with a material certificate traceable to the steel manufacturer. The sight glass is fused to the metal conforming to DIN 7079 where the glass is Borosilicate per DIN 7080.

These sights are sealed to the process vessel with an elastomer gasket. Use standard KF clamps to mount the sight windows to the process vessel. For hygienic applications use Tri Sanitary Clamps. KF sight glasses are manufactured to high tolerances with electropolished metal surfaces for improved cleanliness.

Metaglas, Herberts Industrieglas GmbH & Co. KG

KF Sight Glasses for MetaClamp(R), Borosilicate Fused to Duplex Steel Housing

KF sight glasses for high vacuum and hygienic applications. Simple to install with no risk of breakage, this is a single-piece part ideal for use on food processing equipment (A3-Standard). Reliable against total failure - possibility of sudden unexpected rupture is totally excluded. This sight glass has a trade name MetaClamp(R) designed to be sealed to the process vessel with an elastomer gasket using a Tri Sanitary clamp. Standard KF clamps will also work but with less precision in clamping and without compliance for hygienic applications.

These KF sight glasses, are manufactured to high tolerances and comes standard with surface finish 10 Ra microinches, with optional electropolish for improved cleanliness. Borosilicate glass DIN 7080 is fused to metal conforming to DIN 7079. Housing is made from Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 (1.4462), with material certificate traceable to the metal manufacturer. Manufactured and tested in conformance with A.D. Standard Series H.P. & A.D. standard WO/TRD 100.

These sight glasses have an uninterrupted surface with no crevices trapping bacteria. No epoxies, no internal seals, just pure borosilicate glass-to-metal fusion. Supplied with Certificate of Conformity to EN 10204-3.1B or 3.1A.

Aperture Dia.Flange ODHousing MaterialMax Operating Temp.Max Operating PressureKF SizeMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
140.00 mm319.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C85 psi12"METACLAMP-12S336A1011$2875.10each
120.00 mm268.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C85 psi10"METACLAMP-10S336A1010$1896.50each
100.00 mm218.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C85 psi8"METACLAMP-8S336A1009$1397.45each
75.00 mm167.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C85 psi6"METACLAMP-6S336A1008$1090.20each
55.00 mm119.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C150 psi4"METACLAMP-4S336A1007$515.75each
50.00 mm106.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C150 bar3-1/2"METACLAMP-3.5S336A1006$486.75each
40.00 mm91.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C150 psi3"METACLAMP-3S336A1005$379.40each
35.00 mm78.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C230 psi2-1/2"METACLAMP-2.5S336A1004$347.16each
30.00 mm64.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C230 psi2"METACLAMP-2S336A1003$282.90each
25.00 mm51.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C230 psi1", 1-1/2"METACLAMP-1S336A1002$268.93each
10.00 mm25.00 mm2205 Duplex232 C230 psi1/2", 3/4"METACLAMP-.50S336A1001$268.93each