KF Flanged Bellows

KF bellows, or often called KF flexible couplings, have a length of flexible tubing with identical KF flanges welded on both ends. The tube is hydroformed and tumble-finished.

Duniway Stockroom Corporation

KF Flanged Bellows

KF flange flex couplings made from Aluminum at a lower cost than 304 or 316L stainless. These KF flex couplings are designed to hold ultra-high vacuum, (UHV) with a metal seal, or a high vacuum, (HV) with an O-ring. In a typical application the O-ring is mounted on a centering ring aligning the flanges and holding the O-ring in place.

The coupling minimum length is approximately 75 percent of the free-state length. The couplings can be bent with a bent radius equaling to approximately 2x tube diameters.

Nominal SizeFree LengthBellows I.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
KF164.000 inch0.750 inchAluminumKF16-FX4185A1000$97.75each
KF1610.000 inch0.750 inchAluminumKF16-FX10185A1001$97.75each
KF1620.000 inch0.750 inchAluminumKF16-FX20185A1002$112.75each
KF1640.000 inch0.750 inchAluminumKF16-KX40185A1003$165.75each
KF254.000 inch1.000 inchAluminumKF25-FX4185A1004$83.25each
KF2510.000 inch1.000 inchAluminumKF25-FX10185A1005$99.00each
KF2520.000 inch1.000 inchAluminumKF25-FX20185A1006$126.00each
KF2540.000 inch1.000 inchAluminumKF25-FX40185A1007$179.00each
KF404.000 inch1.500 inchAluminumKF40-FX4185A1008$90.00each
KF4010.000 inch1.500 inchAluminumKF40-FX10185A1009$129.50each
KF4020.000 inch1.500 inchAluminumKF40-FX20185A1010$156.25each
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