KF Flange Crosses

KF crosses have cross-welded tubes with identical KF flanges welded on tubes' ends.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

KF Flanged 4-Way Crosses

KF flanged 4-way crosses are made from Aluminum, at a lower cost than 304 or 316L stainless. These KF crosses are designed to hold ultra-high vacuum, (UHV) with a metal seal, or a high vacuum, (HV) with an O-ring.

In a typical application the O-ring is mounted on a centering ring aligning the flanges and holding the O-ring in place.

Cross TypeNominal Pipe SizeLength Center to EndTube O.D.MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
4-Way CrossKF161.570 inch0.750 inchAluminumKF16-CS184A1000$103.50each
4-Way CrossKF251.970 inch1.000 inchAluminumKF25-CS184A1001$116.50each
4-Way CrossKF402.560 inch1.500 inchAluminumKF40-CS184A1002$149.50each
4-Way CrossKF502.760 inch2.000 inchAluminumKF50-CS184A1003$199.50each