ISO Flange Half Nipples

ISO half nipples have a length of tube with ISO flanges welded on one end. The tube is tumble-finished, bead-blasted, or electropolished.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

ISO Half Nipples

ISO Half Nipples, a ISO non-rotatable multi fastener (ISO-MF) flange on one end. The tube and flange material comes standard in 304 Stainless Steel. For increased corrosion resistance, both the tube and the flange are available in 316L Stainless, as an option.

Tube finish is beadblast, tumbled, or electropolish. Vacuum range of this half nipple is >1 x 10E-8 Torr with an elastomer O-ring, or > 1 x 10E-11 Torr with a EVAC metal seal for ultra high vacuum.

Nominal Pipe SizeTube O.D.LengthFlange MaterialNumber of Rotatable FlangesMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
ISO-632.500 inch3.250 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-63-OF202A1000$106.75each
ISO-632.500 inch4.000 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-63-OF-V202A1001$112.35each
ISO-803.000 inch3.500 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-80-OF202A1003$118.25each
ISO-803.000 inch3.940 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-80-OF-H202A1004$120.00each
ISO-1004.000 inch5.120 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-100-OF-V202A1006$147.75each
ISO-1606.000 inch5.380 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-160-OF202A1008$184.75each
ISO-1606.000 inch6.440 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-160-OF-V202A1009$184.35each
ISO-2008.000 inch7.380 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-200-OF202A1011$252.58each
ISO-25010.000 inch9.880 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-250-OF202A1012$378.75each
ISO-32012.000 inch9.880 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-320-OF202A1013$1440.55each
ISO-40016.000 inch9.880 inchAISI 304No1N-ISO-400-OF202A1014$2360.35each
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