ISO Flange Crosses

ISO crosses, sizes DN63 up to DN250. Tubes are butt-welded providing smooth, crevice-free joints to achieve maximum cleanliness for high vacuum piping systems.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

ISO 4-Way Crosses

ISO 4-Way Crosses with ISO non-rotatable universal multi-fastener (ISO-MF) flanges on the ends. The tube and flange material comes standard in 304 Stainless Steel. For increased corrosion resistance, both the tube and flanges are available in 316L Stainless, as an option.

Tube finish is beadblast, tumbled, or electropolish. Vacuum range is >1 x 10E-8 Torr with an elastomer O-ring, or > 1 x 10E-11 Torr with a EVAC metal seal for ultra high vacuum.

Nominal Pipe SizeNumber of Rotatable FlangesTube O.D.Tube MaterialFlange MaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
ISO-63No2.500 inchAISI 304AISI 3044C-ISO-63-OF210A1000$456.12each
ISO-80No3.000 inchAISI 304AISI 3044C-ISO-80-OF210A1001$669.00each
ISO-100No4.000 inchAISI 304AISI 3044C-ISO-100-OF210A1002$718.20each
ISO-160No6.000 inchAISI 304AISI 3044C-ISO-160-OF210A1003$1822.76each
ISO-250No10.000 inchAISI 304AISI 3044C-ISO-250-OF210A1005$2697.35each
ISO-200No8.000 inchAISI 304AISI 3044C-ISO-200-OF210A1004$2116.80each