Weld Fittings, 180-Degree Return Bend Elbows

Return weld fittings with chamfered ends, ready to build vacuum plumbing systems.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

180-Degree Return Weld Elbows, 304 Stainless

Weld fitting 180-degree return elbows for UHV applications. The tube is made from 304 stainless steel and is port-pulled. The elbows are bead blasted for improved cleanliness.

Tube O.D.Wall ThicknessMaterialVacuum GradeBend AngleMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
0.500 inch0.049 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-050190A1000$66.70each
0.750 inch0.035 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-075190A1001$69.00each
1.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-100190A1002$86.25each
1.500 inch0.065 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-150190A1003$103.50each
2.000 inch0.065 inchAISI 304Yes180 degG-2WU-200190A1004$138.00each