For Suppliers

Think of Encole as your manufacturer's rep in a digital form. This is your opportunity to get your products organized on, ultimately finding their way into your customers' Bills of Materials. If you are a manufacturer or a distributor, you can list your inventoried products on It's free. If you need help creating drawings or images of your products, post a listing request on the message board. Encole's community of engineers and CAD experts want to learn about your products helping you list.



Customers buy on a Purchase Order, or via the shopping cart on When a sale is made we send the supplier a PO from Encole, complete with the Packing List and shipping instructions. For domestic orders the suppliers typically ship directly to the customer. For international orders sometimes the suppliers send the product to Encole and we complete the shipping with the relevant supporting documents as required by the ship-to country.


Payments and Margins

After the products have been shipped by you, the supplier to the customer, we send you a check or a wire transfer on a Net 30 basis. You specify your preference on how you wish to receive payments as we develop our business relationship. The amount you receive is the listed sales price plus shipping if you ship directly to the customer, less our sales commission. If the customer chooses to ship using their shipping account, the supplier will receive listed sales price, less our sales commission. For orders fulfilled from Encole's inventory, we cover the shipping charge from the supplier to Encole, where your invoice will be the product cost Encole pays to you as the supplier, plus your shipping, less our sales commission. Selling to Encole Fulfillment is an invite only program.

Our sales commission is fixed processing cost of 5 percent plus our 15 percent of the listing price, unless negotiated prior to listing the products. In some new relationships with suppliers, Encole will link catalog pages directly to the supplier's site in order to let all transactions be handled solely by the supplier and to help the supplier develop in-house accounts. These types of product listings will have no price shown on the catalog page but rather an RFQ link. As the transaction volume grows, we may add a referral fee on the customers' RFQs originating from, should you choose to accept it.



Encole requires a RMA for returning a product purchased within 30 days. You as the supplier will have an opportunity to review and accept the RMA before the customer can ship the product back to you as the supplier. If the order was fulfilled by Encole Fulfillment, we will accept the return for our own inventory. See our full Terms of Sale.


Tips on listing a product

Find the most relevant subcategory where you think your product should be listed. When creating a description give a brief overview of the product with examples of how it’s used and the most typical applications. Customers can relate to that. When filing in product data, the Configurator tool will guide you. For images use hi-resolution image files of no less than 600 x 600px in size. Add a drawing measuring no less than 600px H by 780px W. Use a border on the drawing, ideally with a template having a title block. All this information makes the product clearly presented, this helps the customer tremendously. Customers are engineers, researchers and technical buyers who cannot waste time looking at incomplete data. If you need help with product renderings and drawings, here is our message board where you can get all kinds of help from CAD experts.