We are looking for mechanical, optical engineers, and CAD experts.

We're in Silicon Valley, a place where you do not live to work but work to live. A place where you are always "killing it" with your ideas and smarter work. If you are an engineer or a CAD expert looking for a cubicle alternative, we want to hear from you! There are two types of people looking for work: the types looking for a paycheck, and the other types looking to improve what is. If you are the latter, we want to hear from you.

We are looking for engineers and CAD professionals who can help us liberate product data from PDF datasheets on a commissions basis. Encole.com is the new media for presenting industrial products. You see, industrial products are sold based on technical data, less so than on brand power. We believe that having that data well organized and readily available is the future of industrial sales. No PDF files, no fax machines. If interested in building your engineering business, below is our contact info. We pay a monthly stipend as a token of trust and also commissions from product sales.


Encole LLC
135 Rio Robles East
San Jose, California 95134
(408) 514-5838