Alumina Standoffs

Standoffs made from Alumina are very stable under high temperatures, they have outstanding dielectric properties, chemical erosion resistance and high wear and abrasion resistance. The advantage of these components over standoffs made of non-ceramic materials is longer life under abrasive conditions.

Alumina or aluminium oxide is an amphoteric oxide of aluminium with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is also commonly referred to as alumina or aloxite in the semiconductor, energy, ceramic and materials science communities.

International Ceramics Engineering, Inc.

Alumina Standoffs with Internal Threads

Alumina is an excellent electric insulator with the highest thermal conductivity, relative to other technical ceramic materials. Ideal for power electronics applications.

Manufactured from 99.8% pure aluminum oxide.

DiameterLengthThreadMaterialMfg. P/N.Encole P/N.Price
0.250 inch0.250 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available101S05$356.25per package of 15
0.380 inch0.375 inchThread #6-32AluminaICE6875102S06$404.25per package of 15
0.250 inch0.500 inchThread #6-32AluminaICE5977103S07$513.75per package of 15
0.380 inch0.500 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available104S07$401.25per package of 15
0.500 inch0.500 inchThread #6-32AluminaICE5707106S07$420.00per package of 15
0.380 inch0.625 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available107S08$418.35per package of 15
0.380 inch0.750 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available107S09$444.45per package of 15
0.500 inch0.750 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available108S09$449.25per package of 15
0.380 inch1.000 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available109S11$461.25per package of 15
0.380 inch1.250 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available109S12$493.35per package of 15
0.380 inch1.500 inchThread #6-32AluminaNot Available109S13$538.35per package of 15
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