About Encole

Encole loosely stands for "engineering collective". We started in Silicon Valley with a no-nonsense commitment to advancing product discovery. Encole is a platform where manufacturers list and engineers find industrial components. Our purpose is to unify the fragmented supply into one network so engineers can actually find the solutions they need.

Solutions are all around us but they are buried in dead-end PDF datasheets and often kludgy websites. Engineers registered on Encole liberate data from datasheets into a well organized marketplace, useful for other engineers buying, and suppliers selling industrial products.

If you are an engineer looking to apply your skills beyond a traditional cubicle, this is your Community. If you are a manufacturer or a distributor looking for a sales platform this is your Platform.



Encole LLC
135 Rio Robles East
San Jose, California 95134
(408) 514-5838



  • Be yourself, the only comfortable and honest place to be in the world.
  • Be a great engineer in harmony balancing established standards with unfathomable innovations by applying practical engineering sense.
  • Liberate industrial product data from every datasheet into Encole.com.


Since 2017, the first user-driven platform for product and supplier discovery in industrial components.