Metaglas, Herberts Industrieglas GmbH & Co. KG

BSP-Whitworth Sight Glass, Duplex Steel 2205, Borosilicate, Thread Size G 3/8"

Sight window with Whitworth threads sealing with an O-ring. Female connection port conforming to DIN 3852 Type F. The threadform follows the British Standard Whitworth standard. The thread is cylindrical (as opposed to conical BSPT), has a 55° tooth angle, with rounded roots and crests.

For visual inspection, machine vision, optical sensors, in use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigeration, water heaters, and compressed air applications.

Fusing glass to metal creates a hermetically sealed single-piece part. The advantage of this construction is high strength of the glass, which ensures safety of operation, even during cycling operating temperatures common with equipment starts and stops. The part is easy to install, and has a long working life without maintenance.
·Aperture Dia.23.00 mm
·Max Operating Pressure50 bar
·Max Operating Temp.280 C
·Housing Material2205 Duplex
·Window MaterialBorosilicate
·ThreadG 3/8

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