Swagelok Inc.

Male NPT Bulkhead Connector, NPT Size 1/4", VCR Size 1/4", Stainless Steel 316, Swagelok SS-2-VCR-A1-4M

Male NPT bulkhead connector to VCR made in stainless steel 316 from bar stock, having HEX flats for use with an open wrench. Connections are male NPT body to VCR male fitting.

Internal surfaces have no burrs, all surfaces have a high-quality appearance. NPT threads meet National Pipe Taper American standard ASME B1.20.1. The fittings are supplied with the ends capped in plastic caps for protection. The fittings are free of machining oils, grease and debris. Refer to Swagelok Standard Cleaning and Packaging MS-06-62. This fitting is the highest quality choice for plumbing systems requiring smooth threads and guaranteed leak-free NPT connections. This fitting must remain stationary during installation, where the mating VCR glands and VCR fittings should have rotating threaded nuts.
·SizeVCR 1/4"
·Min I.D.0.180 inch
·Length2.210 inch
·Connection 2NPT 1/4"
·MaterialAISI 316

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