High Temperature Circular Sight Glass, with Weld Pad, Aperture 3"

Designed for continuous operation at 2,000 °F. All of the construction materials in this sight glass resist oxidation and maintain strength at high temperature. This sight window is typically used for visual inspection, with remotely mounted cameras away from heat, or laser sensors monitoring the process in furnaces, ovens, kilns, or any combustion chambers at near-ambient pressures.

The weld pad housing has a weld-prepped chamfer ready to be butt welded to a flat vessel wall. The flange cover is mounted over the quartz window, sandwiched between graphite gaskets. The cover is torqued down to the weld pad with eight hex-head bolts. Cover lands directly onto the weld pad, eliminating any mechanical stresses in the window. This is a benefit of this design allowing accommodating higher stresses from thermal loads.

All hardware is included: One cover, one weld pad, one quartz window, two graphite gaskets, eight bolts, eight lock washers, eight nuts.

·Aperture Dia.3.000 inch
·Max Operating Pressure145 psi
·Max Operating Temp.2000 F
·Housing Material800H
·Window MaterialQuartz
·Nominal Pipe Size3.30" Tube O.D.

The information in this Drawing and 3-D models is provided for reference only. Details