L.J. Star, Inc

Full View Flow Indicators for Sterile Service, Tube OD 1-1/2"

Full view flow indicators for sterile service provide unobstructed 360-degree view of the process pipeline flow. Super efficient for a quick observation inside a process pipeline caring fluids or powders. One benefit of this flow indicator is the fully exposed glass tube protected from pipe stress by precision fasteners between the heads clamping on the tie rod shoulders instead of the tube. The glass tube remains stress-free and can carry higher operating pressure.

The glass is internally sealed with flush-style O-ring seals minimizing traps for bacteria or residues. Connections are Swagelock TS biopharm fittings. Use with SH- or SHX--type clamps featuring controlled gasket compression to prevent gasket extrusion and fluid holdup. All seals are USP Class VI and FDA compliant. Standard materials of construction are 316L Stainless Steel with full material traceability (ASME BPE Standards), Borosilicate glass, EPDM O-rings.
·Clamp Size1-1/2"
·Housing MaterialAISI 316L
·Window MaterialBorosilicate
·Gasket MaterialEPDM
·Max Operating Pressure150 psi

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