L.J. Star, Inc

NPT Threaded Flow Indicator, 316 Stainless Steel, Plain Style, ANSI 150 psi Service, Size 1/2"

Visual flow indicator with NPT threaded female ports. Thread form complies with the ASME B1.20.1 standard, in 316 stainless steel housing designed for 150 psi service. Designed with front and back windows for backlighting making it easy to see flow variations inside any pipeline, even when used with dark liquids. There are no inserts between the two windows, these flow indicators are best suited for - non-homogeneous fluids to see bubbles, color changes and any indication of flow variations within the fluid.

This flow indicator is installed in-line of the pipeline between two threaded pipe ends. This model offers pipeline view through toughened borosilicate glass windows internally sealed to the metal housing with Neoprene flat gaskets. May be installed in any position to observe flow in any direction. This indicator is usually employed to detect either the presence or absence of solutions, or to observe fluids for turbulence, color or clarity.

Standard Safety and Maintenance Features include: Independently bolted glass retainers; Investment cast surface finish.
·Housing MaterialAISI 316
·Gasket MaterialPTFE
·ThreadNPT 1/2"
·ASME Class150
·Aperture Dia.1.250 inch
·Flow Indicator StylePlain View

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