Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

ISO to CF Flange Adapter, Size ISO-200 to Size CF-10.00

ISO to Conflat flange adapter connecting two dissimilar flanges in line of a pipe. Flanges and the tube are made from 304 Stainless Steel. The tube has a bead blast finish.

Vacuum range is > 1x10 E-8 Torr, high vacuum, HV applications.
Temperature range -20 degrees C to 150 degrees C.
·Flange 110" (DN200)
·Flange 1 TypeCF with Bolt Holes
·Flange 2ISO-200
·Flange 2 TypeISO Multi Fastener
·Tube O.D.8.000 inch
·MaterialAISI 304

The information in this Drawing and 3-D models is provided for reference only. Details