L.J. Star, Inc

Obround Weld Pad Gauge Sight Glass

Window Material:BorosilicateHousing Material:SA240
Obround sight glass designed for visual inspection of levels inside a tank or a pipeline. The sight glass base is a weld pad designed to be welded directly to the pressure vessel. The glass is sandwiched between a sealing gasket and a cushion gasket held in place with a clamping flange. The cushion gasket is made from a material harder than the sealing gasket to insure proper compression. Glass is clear, made from tempered borosilicate.

This window is suitable for the ASME pressure code requirements. The kit comes with all the hardware included. Weld pad is flat. Per customer request the weld pad can be specified curved to fit circular vessels of a particular diameter.
·Width5.000 inch
·Length10.000 inch
·Window MaterialBorosilicate
·Housing MaterialSA240

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